More About Dowsing

Some more information about dowsing.

Since time immemorial, mankind has made a concerted effort at understanding things beyond the capacity of the senses. Beyond the conscious mind, there are many levels in the brain, which people are not able to perceive in normal life. As a result of such search and from historical anecdotes and hearsay, people came to realise that there are aspects in human life, which are beyond comprehension but still existent. Such an ability to understand the intuitive aspect has been of much interest in the modern days also. It is because of such interests that dowsing has become a common term among the spiritualists of the world.

Origin of dowsing - as a means of exploration through psychic abilities:

Besides having the spiritual explanation, the term dowsing was actually concocted to mean the exploration of pipelines and water in the ancient days, by inner sense or psychic abilities. The concept has carried forward in the modern world, where people are using this method to explore oil, water and ley-lines. But, more than explorations, dowsing has become synonymous with the improvement in one’s psychic and intuitive abilities, which come with plenty of practice and concentration. Since it is a powerful way of communication, there is a lot of practice involved, along with spiritual practices. In the present day scenario, clairvoyants are also being called in to do dowsing in various aspects of life, searching for lost objects being one of the simplistic elements.

Huge importance of spirituality in evolving dowsing:

Spirituality in dowsing is having a big role and is highly justified to bring success to the work. In their day to day life, people usually surround themselves with the negative energies, thoughts and activities. As a result, the conscious mind is not able to see much, not to speak of the understanding of the subconscious mind. This leads to the clouding of thoughts and ability to see through the inner senses. People are not able to exercise their outer senses properly even. In such a scenario, the practice of spirituality in form of reiki or meditation can be of big help in clear the cobwebs of sinful thoughts and actions. It is only when the mind is cleared of unnecessary thoughts, it can study its subconscious level and give out proper enlightening responses to the questions posed before the mind. This is in part the process of dowsing, which is gradually being realised by people in general.

Explaining dowsing using materials and scientific reasoning:

During the process of dowsing, the practitioners usually utilise variety of objects to concentrate on the emanating energies. They can use rods made of copper or other metals, although some have also successfully utilised wooden rods. Pendulum usage is also quite common among dowsers. The spectrum of dowsing has overgrown in the modern world, with many of these experts studying psychic and paranormal activities. They have developed the powers by channelizing their energies in the right direction, bringing about a drastic change in the manner in which they perceive their subconscious mind, as well as study those of the others.
It’s a fact that over the years, dowsing has evolved as a scientific study, rather than being clouded by mysteries of the mind.